Business/Financial Modelling

Your Challenge

What are the situations in which you may require our assistance ?

  1. Most businesses use excel models for significant business decisions. International surveys show that 9 out of 10 business models contact serious errors that the results are significantly misleading. Is yours one of them ?
  2. Are you confident that  your excel model is free from material errors and includes all key value drivers ?
  3. How efficient is the current method you are using to prepare budgets, assess short term working capital needs to analyse your company’s current and future cashflow position ?

Our Solutions

Working together we can help you to develop business models for investigating the uncertainties of key business and market drivers. With a deeper understanding of possible risks and returns involved, we can achieve more organizational flexibility and realize greater value. We can help you to develop an effective business model for the following purposes:

  1. Improve your budgeting, planning and forecasting capabilities for the company
  2. Model cashflows for determining robust and efficient capital structures of the company
  3. Understand and manage short-term cashflow and working capital needs
  4. Prepare investment appraisals of proposed investments or disinvestments
  5. Perform sensitivity analysis and scenario planning
  6. Analyze operational business drivers to evaluate efficiencies, synergies and economies of scale opportunities

Benefits of our approach

  1. Our highly experienced team has helped many clients to design tailor made planning and decision support tools
  2. Our close cooperation with clients enables us to build business models around the significant value drivers
  3. Our team comprises of experts in the fields of Accounting, IFRS reporting, Investments, Economics, Corporate Finance – this allows a holistic and comprehensive approach from designing of your business model