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We provide investment management services and offer investment products across all major asset classes to a diverse set of individual and institutional clients. We also offer wealth advisory services, including portfolio management and financial planning. Our aim is to deliver consistent outperformance for our clients to help them meet their investment objectives.


Our investment process has evolved and continues to evolve. It integrates insights from our Research division, which anticipates market and economic trends over the coming 6 to 12 months. In addition, our Annual Investment Strategy forum projects trends over 3 to 5 years. These top-down views are complemented by bottom-up research from analysts and quantitative review of individual securities and portfolio construction. Our internal Investment Committee, which is comprised of senior investment professionals, drives decision making on a daily basis.

Economic research

We believe an informed macroeconomic outlook, over short-term and long-term horizons, is key to identifying opportunities and risks well before they occur. Every quarter, our economic research analysts and investment professionals meet to discuss and debate the state of the economy and markets. They then pinpoint trends that we believe have important investment implications. These forums enable us to get ahead of developments and anticipate our clients’ future challenges and objectives.

Investment Committee

The quarterly Economic research forums fuel the work of Bridgepath Capital’s internal Investment Committee (IC), which is comprised of our senior investment professionals. The IC distills these insights into investment guidelines on such factors as economic growth, inflation, duration, volatility etc.

Portfolio Management

Rigorous bottom-up research is meshed with top-down guidelines to help us target the most attractive opportunities for our clients’ portfolios. Our research analysts have wide industry sector knowledge and they draw on risk management disciplines, skilled trading desks and industry leading expertise. Our investment approach is geared to turn your challenges into opportunities.

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