Equity/IPO advisory

Your Challenge

What are the situations in which you may require our assistance ?

  1. Are you a non-listed company seeking funding and easy access to an alternative market?
  2. Are you considering taking advantage of the benefits from listing your company on the main board?

Our Solutions

Pre-capital raising advisory

  1. Analysis of the company’s suitability for the stock exchange or private placement: competitive advantages, requirements, obligations and impacts on the company
  2. Analysis of market momentum: outlook for financial market
  3. Equity story development
  4. Business plan and preliminary valuation
  5. Advisory on capital structure and dividend policy
  6. Review of the financial requirements for listed companies: formal (supervisors) and market-driven (investor ‘demands)
  7. Advice on the selection of investment banks
  8. Monitoring of the timetable
  9. Regular reporting to shareholders and resolution of specific tasks requested
  10. Regular management of relationship with supervisors

Our solution - Capital Raising (IPO/Rights issue/Private Placement)

  1. Assistance in the coordination of all the parties involved (underwriters, lawyers, due diligence teams).
  2. Implementation and advice throughout the process: design of the offer structure, support in developing the equity story, financial valuation, coordination and review of the prospectus, advice on pricing, etc.
  3. Regular production of financial markets analysis to incorporate in the prospectus and in presentations.
  4. Advice and attendance at the various roadshow presentations.
  5. Approaches to potential investors.
  6. Regular reporting to shareholders and resolution of specific tasks requested.
  7. Regular management of relationship with regulators.

Benefits of our approach

  1. Methodology conducted under the highest quality standards, tailor made to your needs, with the aim to lead you to success.
  2. Talented professionals, vast knowledge and experience.
  3. We provide assistance, support and guidance throughout the whole capital raising process.